About us

En Socya transformamos vidas, empezando por la propia

We are a private non-profit organization, created in 1960, in order to integrate the public and private sector to generate positive transformations and promote sustainable development, attending the social and environmental challenges of the country.

Our history

1960 / 1980

Socya was founded in 1960 with the name of Codesarrollo thanks to the commitment of 30 leaders from Antioquia – Colombia, to the development of the country, through programs that sought to reduce inequity and poverty.

1981 / 2000

We discovered the hidden potential that residues had and developed the first successful recycling program in Colombia, with the operation of recycling plants: glass, in alliance with Peldar; and PET, working with Enka. We also started the post-industrial residues manage programs with some companies from Antioquia.

2001 / 2019

Our brand was renewed, and changed its name to Socya. We strengthened our technological, structural and human capital and expanded our operations to other economic sectors, transforming our industrial model towards a scheme of services under the concept of “Circular economy”. In alliance with Interaseo ESP, we started the operation of the first residues’ transfer station of the country.

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